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The history of icnet.uk on this page. Below, is the major focus now, lung cancer.

Lung Cancer

My new pages on lung cancer are being put here, at last. They are actively undergoing editing day by day.

Section 1a – Introduction


Section 1b – Screening


Section 2 – Imaging in Lung Cancer Screening


Section 3 – Benign Lung Conditions


Section 4 – Atypcial and In-Situ Lung Conditions


Section 5 – Types of Lung Canceer


Section 6 – Pathology Tests and what they mean


Section 7 – Lung Cancer Staging


Section 8 – Treatment of Lung Cancer

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My apologies for the bare appearance.   icnet.uk is undergoing deep maintenance.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls


Yup, I’m putting some of my own cancer research from earlier in my career, onto the web, because its highly visual educational material.


Talking Moose
Talking Moose

Hello as well
. I like to joke, but it’s hard to joke about cancer. But research is fair game. I once did a study in which one third of subjects were cured, one third of subjects died, and the third rat ran away.

Brittany Brittany

Dr. Halls has a few other websites, the oldest being www.halls.md (which has some useful medical content, including an important Breast Cancer Risk Calculator).


Dr. Halls is still an active full-time radiologist who does all modalities including mammography and has a collection of information about types of breast cancer and its diagnosis, on this website breast-cancer.ca.


The first half of Dr. Halls career was at the Cross Cancer Institute, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Some of his research involved developing MRI techniques for breast cancer staging, of axilla lymph nodes and lymphadenopathy and internal mammary lymph node locations and sizes. Hopefully that will find it way onto this website here, in future months. Some very beautiful MRI images, if you click on those links above.

Dr. Halls
Dr. Halls

On a personal note,   I,   (Dr. Halls),    say    Hello, and Thank-you    for reading this far. This page is unexpected for you.

Until I get this website’s good content in place, I think you will find some interesting and fun (both) and useful material on my main domain ‘halls.md‘.

Talking Moose


Did you click on any pictures to hear music, or find other surprises?.